About us

Hey there! I’m Macie and this is my son, Judah. Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? He’s the inspiration for all of this. Our sweet baby boy joined our family in December of 2017 through the gift of domestic infant adoption. We learned so much while we waited for him and we’ve learned even more since he became our son. But we didn’t learn it on our own. We sought out information. We read books. We took classes. We watched hours of YouTube videos. We intentionally listened to voices of all members of the adoption triad. We seek out perspectives from transracial adoptees. You know why? Because we know that adoption is a big deal. We know that we are writing Judah’s narrative with every word that we say and every action that we take. We want him to grow up feeling secure in his identity as our son and as an adoptee. We want to honor his first family. We want to do this well. And I know you do, too. Thanks for being here. Let’s learn together how we can adopt well.